Mushroom, Leek & Kale Soup   6.25

Brie en Croûte Appetizer
Mild French Cheese with Wild Mushrooms, Herbs & Spices
Baked in Puff Pastry   9.00

Red & Green Salad
Red Oak Leaf Lettuce, Plum Tomatoes, Red Onion, Red Pepper;
Spinach, Cucumber & Green Pepper;
tossed with crumbled Roquefort & Vinaigrette   10.95

The following are served with our Salad of the Season & house-made Baguette

Eggplant, Zucchini, Onions, Garlic, Red & Yellow Bell Peppers,
Plum Tomatoes, Herbs & Spices   15.50

Cheese Soufflé
Welsh Cheddar & Parmigiano Reggiano   15.50

Pesto Pasta
Tricolor Pasta; spiced & herbed Tomato & Pesto Sauces;
toasted Almonds & freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano   15.50

Asparagus Quiche   13.95

Wild Mushroom Quiche   13.95

Provençal Vegetable Gratin
Spinach, Mushrooms, Onions, Basmati Rice, Parmigiano Reggiano   15.50