Canapés         Hors D’Oeuvres

Among our selections:
Smoked Salmon & Chèvre on Brioche 
Brie en Croûte
Smoked Trout & Trout Paté
Quiche Lorraine
Riviera Quiche (Vegetables, Herbs & Spices) Asparagus Quiche
Duck & Armagnac Sausage
Mushrooms Casino de Paris 
Venison & Cherry Sausage
Smoked Salmon & Salmon Paté
Snails in Puff Pastry Cups
Golden Whitefish Caviar on Deviled Egg
Smoked Oysters with Cream Cheese in Cherry Tomatoes
Smoked Turkey with Herb Mayonnaise on Mini Brioche

Served on a variety of breads and pastry, including:
Mini Brioche
Mini Croissant
Baguette Round
Country French Bread
Buttermilk Roll
Puff Pastry Cup