They are the adventurous and the curious. They’ve heard that French food is special, but they’ve never had a chance to try it. Or they’ve been to France, went a little crazy over the meals and the wine (and the service, which is usually solicitous in spite of what you may have heard), and haven’t been able to find it here. They are the critics we respect and adore. We love to pamper them, always to give them our best efforts. Many have written comments in our guest book. These are representative entries; we’re not picking and choosing or hiding. We invite you to come and review them – they’re signed, authentic reactions. Perhaps, after dining with us, you’ll want to record your impressions too.

Wonderful – this diamond…food was delicious & beautifully presented. A mini-vacation indeed!

Absolutely fantastic – it’s where we go for a special night.

…extremely unique…fine service and fantastic food…

Absolutely wonderful, peaceful décor and exquisite food, my favorite to recommend to all my special friends.

A divine space that creates happiness and rest for each guest…and the food is great too!

A calm in the storm…

The food was incredible, the attention was meticulous & dessert was divine. We loved every bite and minute of our evening…

Bon service, ambiance charmante…merci mille fois!

Every time I enter this small piece of heaven I experience a piece of calm. With busy lives, The French Gourmet reminds us all to enjoy the best things in life: friends, food & wine.

…hidden treasure…the finest in French cuisine!!!

Food extraordinary, service terrific.

An exquisite dining experience…delectable cuisine, divine ambiance, decadent desserts, impeccable service.

Simply great!

Best thing we’ve had since Paris!

There’s no place like this.

Every course made us happier than the last.


Could not have been better. A real treasure.




All of the dinner was astounding – very well prepared; as good if not better than many of the French restaurants we’ve experienced in France. Service to match.

Positively lovely.

More genuine and beautiful than the European version.

Très belle decoration et ambiance! Et la nourriture est vraiment bonne on pourrait presque se croire en France!

I was made to feel as if this was my one millionth visit. The presentation as well as the fare was excellent.



Superb French authentic cooking! Highly recommend! And try the fresh roasted coffees

Thank you for having an authentic and delicious vegetarian selection!

Terrific meal from beginning to end!

A truly unique and intimate dining experience. We haven’t eaten this well since we were in France.

Everything from the atmosphere, warm, friendly service and presentation are stellar. All of the entrées are lovingly prepared with top quality ingredients and plated beautifully. I want to try everything on the menu. The wine selections are great too! Highly recommended!

The magnificence of your cuisine is surpassed only by your extraordinary graciousness! Thank you so for the trip to France and Heaven! We are near delirious with delight and can barely write – but we can smile! Thank you again!

I haven’t felt this pampered & relaxed in a very long time.

From start to finish everything was absolutely perfect.

Made my memories of Paris come right back! The food and wine spectacular! Each dish from beginning to end a celebration of flavor divine!!!

Loved the food & the amazing service.

The first time I’ve had real French food and it was great!

This is our favorite restaurant.

This is the best food and food experience in Michigan.

The best kept secret in Michigan.

Last weekend we ate dinner at the Hour Magazine Restaurant of the Year, & it couldn’t compare on any level with The French Gourmet, our new favorite.

As good or better than anything we had in Paris. We didn’t even have to speak French.