The Power Brunch

Fresh Orange Juice squeezed to your order    3.50

Fresh Apple Juice hot or chilled    3.00

Hot Chocolate     3.75
Creamed chocolate with cinnamon & almonds; freshly-whipped cream
We import our chocolate directly from Oaxaca in Mexico

Soups    6.25

Onion Gratinée  Mushroom, Leek & Kale  Mussels in Lobster Broth

Grand Prix Rolls
Croissants  Brioches  Apple Puff Pastries (Chaussons aux Pommes)
Chocolate Croissants (Petits Pains au Chocolat)  Palmiers
All made strictly from scratch on these premises, but not always available
Please call a day ahead, and we will make them to your order
Croissants or Brioches    2.00  All others     2.50

French Toast (Pain Perdu)     7.75
Our famous brioche sautéed in cream & eggs with a touch of cinnamon
Served with honey or your choice of 40 French natural syrups
or the incomparable maple syrup from our friend Kathy’s farm

Eggs Benedict: Three Variations

1. Lutèce     10.95
Poached eggs, hickory-smoked ham, croissant pastry, mousseline sauce

2. Tropicale    11.95
Poached eggs, hickory-smoked ham, orange mousseline sauce,
cayenne pepper, croissant pastry

3. Suprème     13.45
Hardwood-smoked premium ham or Scottish smoked salmon
Poached eggs, brioche pastry, mousseline sauce


Mushroom     10.95
Béchamel Sauce

Strawberry    10.95
Cream Cheese

Chicken    11.45
Mornay Sauce

Duck    13.45
Roast duckling julienne, chèvre, orange sauce

Blini à la Russe     13.45
Buckwheat crêpes with caviar, sour cream, chives, hard-cooked eggs, plum tomato slices, red onion & cucumber


Prepared with three eggs; served with galette potatoes, seasonal vegetable, & warm house-made herb baguette slices 
Egg-white omelettes add  1.00

Lina’s Ultimate     10.95
Ham, turkey, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, onions, three varieties of mild chili peppers

Chicken Livers & Chèvre    10.95

Smoked Salmon & Gruyère    10.95

Spiced Vegetables à la Provençale (Ratatouille)   9.75

Spinach & Swiss Cheese    8.95

Ham & Swiss Cheese    8.95

Turkey & Swiss Cheese    8.95

Mushrooms & Swiss Cheese    8.95

Your choice of additional ingredients: onions, mushrooms, chili peppers,
French goat cheese (chèvre), freshly-grated Parmesan or Swiss cheese    1.25 each

Fabergé Eggs

Soufflé Omelette with Herbs, Crème Fraîche, Spice Sauce, Red Caviar     13.45


Served with our Salad of the Season    15.50

Welsh Cheddar & Parmigiano Reggiano

Cognac & Madeira

Croissant Sandwiches

Served with our small Salad of the Season    9.95

Rosemary Lemon Chicken

Smoked Ham & Gruyère with Mustard Vinaigrette

Spinach & Cream Cheese with Mushrooms Sautéed in Garlic

Smoked Turkey with Herb Mayonnaise

Open-Face Baguette Sandwiches

Served with our Salad of the Season & Galette Potatoes    11.75

Duck & Armagnac with Chèvre

Beef Tongue with Cherries, Artichoke Heart & Gruyère

Spiced Chicken with Two Sauces
Hot Apricot Dijon & Mild Sour Cream Cucumber

Merguez with French Feta
Spicy French-North African Lamb


Served with our Salad of the Season    13.95

Hickory-smoked Ham

Peeled & Trimmed

Shrimp & Scallops

Wild Mushroom 
Three Varieties

Riviera (Ratatouille)
Vegetables, Herbs & Spices

Composed Salads

On a bed of deluxe greens
Served with house-made Baguette slices

Chicken Breast Paillard, freshly grated Gruyère,
Spices, Herbs & Dry White Wine    10.95

Seared Herb-rubbed Yellowfin Tuna, Vegetables, Plum Tomatoes,
Provence Olives, Anchovies, Hard-cooked Egg, Basil Oil Dressing    14.00

Red & Green
Red Oak Leaf Lettuce, Plum Tomatoes, Red Onion, Red Pepper;
Spinach, Cucumber & Green Pepper;
tossed with crumbled Roquefort & Vinaigrette Dressing   10.95

Crab Louis
Lump Crabmeat in Avocado Halves
Tomato & Egg wedges, Capers & Olives
Classic Louis Dressing    15.50

Warm Salad of Duck & Lobster
Julienne Duckling Confit & poached Lobster Tail Meat
Chèvre & White Wine Vinaigrette Dressing    15.50

Warm Salad of Chicken Livers with Raspberry Sauce
Sautéed in Burgundy
Raspberry Coulis, Framboise Liqueur, Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing    14.00