The French Gourmet has the best coffee in the world. 
Typical advertising hype, you may say. But it’s true.

We make a rigorous selection of the choicest growths from all the major coffee-growing regions. Then we test different roasts for each crop until we find the ideal parameters.
Our roaster, which you can see behind the glass wall in a corner of the dining room,
is of the type universally conceded to produce the finest result: the Fluid Bed.
We have an extremely rare example – only sixteen were produced! –
which roasts only one pound at a time. That means that we can tailor your coffee to your most exacting requirements. Not only do we adjust the temperature to a single degree and the time to a hundredth of a second, we can vary the mixture of beans in your roast.

Since we roast daily, call ahead to learn the time of the day’s roast and then
come in to supervise the creation of your personal blend; you can drink your coffee
as soon as it’s roasted. You can’t get fresher than that.

We call this whole process Custom Roasted Coffee.


Other roasters don’t recognize the different character of their coffees, let alone that of the individual crops, and roast everything to the same standard (usually much too dark). They roast in batches, so they’re forced to stock more than they can sell. If you’re searching for a rare or expensive variety, the chances are that it has been sitting at the purveyor’s for a long time – and rotting.
We roast in small quantities, insuring freshness.

We were the first retailer in Michigan to roast our own coffee. We travel to the countries of origin to review the growing and processing of the crops at the plantations. The French Gourmet is the first and only Michigan company to be named to the board of directors of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Proudly on display for your inspection in our Coffee Library is an authenticated barrel filled with the latest delivery of unmixed Jamaican Blue Mountain green coffee from a single estate, a rarity. We can’t find a lower price elsewhere for true unblended Blue Mountain.

We are now featuring a new coffee from one of our favorite regions, the South Pacific. We call it Paris After Dark, since it’s the kind of coffee much favored in fine restaurants in the French capital. This extraordinary coffee is available at $17.25 the pound.

A few of the coffees on the following list may be temporarily unavailable because we’re awaiting the arrival of the new crop, but most are nearly always on hand.


Certified Authentic • Descriptions Guaranteed • Flavors add 1.00

Pound          Half-Lb.

Brazil Santos Bourbon                               $12.25           $ 6.75

Celebes Sulotco Kalosi Toraja                    16.25              8.90

Colombia San Agustín                                 12.25              6.75

Costa Rica Tarrazú Taparto                        12.25              6.75

Ethiopia Longberry Harar                           12.25              6.75

Guatemala Antigua Entre Volcanes           12.25              6.75

Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy                       24.75            13.75

Jamaica Blue Mountain RSW Estates       38.00            19.75

Java Estate Blawan                                      16.25             8.90

Kenya AA Meru                                           12.25             6.75

La Minita Tarrazú (Costa Rica)                    16.25             8.90

Sumatra Mandheling                                   12.75             7.00

Tanzania Peaberry                                       12.25             6.75

Yemen Mocha Mattari                                 16.25             8.90


Mocha-Java                                                  16.25             8.90


Colombia Supremo                                     13.25              7.30

Java Estate                                                  18.00              9.90

Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy                        23.25            12.80