These pastries come in different colors and a variety of forms – circular like the ganache, rectangular like the napoleon, round like the creampuff, oblong like the éclair, canoe-shaped like the barquette. A selection of various kinds can make a dessert table a feast for the eye. As they say, you taste them twice.

Baba au Rhum
Unique feather-light cake soaked in dark rum. The dollop of delectable Crème Chantilly provides a contrast in flavor and texture. (It also serves as the peak for the hat of Ali Baba, for whom this famous confection was named.)

Chestnut Barquette
We import the famous French marrons to lend their unique savor to rum-&-vanilla buttercream in a thin cookie shell.

Crème Chantilly – whipped cream, pastry cream, Madagascar vanilla – fills its enclosure of éclair pastry (pâte à choux).

Chocolate or vanilla or mocha

Fruit or Linzer
Smaller versions of most of the Tarts described in the next section

Creamed chocolate over a moist mixture of finely-ground toasted almonds, almond paste, milk, butter, whole eggs, Jamaican rum & apricot preserves

Grand Marnier Barquette
Chocolate buttercream combined with the juice and zest of fresh oranges laced with French orange liqueur. Covered with cocoa powder & a tiny orange slice

Millefeuille (Napoleon)
Crème Chantilly – whipped cream, pastry cream, real vanilla. Crisp yet incredibly light puff pastry. A fine dusting of confectioners’ sugar. The pastry in this exquisite delicacy doesn’t contain “1000 leaves” as its French name states, but – in our recipe – 1459 (guaranteed)! Birthers thought the pastry was from Italy, hence the name Neapolitan, which became Napoleon when its true origin was restored: it’s a lot easier to pronounce Napoleon than to guess how to say it in French, meelFOY (more or less). Whatever it’s called, we sometimes add other flavors, such as fresh raspberries.

Toasted ground almonds are dispersed in a vanilla buttercream inside a ring of pâte à choux (éclair pastry) covered with ganache (creamed chocolate). The curious name does not refer to the Folies Bergère. This famous pastry was first served in the dining cars of the trains that travel the round-trip route between the capital and the coastal city of Brest. (In an alternative explanation, the name comes from a bicycle race over the same course.)

Phoenix Egg
A variety of chocolates blend into a heavy, dense, yet moist egg freshly laid by the legendary bird. A touch of rum, a few toasted ground almonds. Topped with creamed chocolate