Quality and Value: these are our watchwords. The Chef works within the authentic tradition of French cuisine, but she reinterprets the great classics, fashioning them with her own variations. Her basic ingredients are from nature – nothing artificial, everything fresh. Then she works her magic, transforming the simple into the elaborate while preserving the essence of flavors and textures. All the food we serve you is made from scratch here in our kitchen, including the bread and rolls, the sauces and gravies. This devotion to quality is matched by a dedication to providing you, our guest, with the greatest value.

There are restaurants where everything besides the main course is extra; you pay for salad, bread, all accompaniments and garnishes; even, in some places, for tap water. When you get the check, you may get a jolt as well! Our portions are generous – nobody ever left here hungry. The composed salad is the size of a dinner plate, the homemade bread is served with a variety of toppings. And the vegetables and other included accompaniments are prepared with the same workmanship as everything else. The very carefully chosen wines are a great bargain; we believe we have the lowest prices for French wines in Michigan.

From 11:00 till 2:00 on Tuesday through Saturday, and from 10 till 2:00 on Sunday, we serve from all menus, The Power Brunch, Dinner, and Vegetarian; in the evenings Tuesday through Saturday, we serve just from the Dinner and Vegetarian menus.