Our Aim

Our aim is to present you with the finest
French wines, but at moderate prices.
Though the deservedly famous classics
are well represented on this list,
we hope you will also try the other
wonderful treasures we have discovered.
They are especially good values.

In making our selections, we look above all else
for wines with character. These are the wines
that embody those unique local conditions
of soil and climate the French call terroir.

We heartily recommend that you consider
ordering half-bottles. If you are dining with
another person, there are just a few drops more
than a glass for each of you in a half-bottle.
This means that you can make more food pairings,
ordering another half-bottle with the next course,
without drinking any more alcohol
than if you had ordered the larger bottle.
Our choices of wines in half-bottles are
particularly strong.

You are welcome to purchase wines for take-out.